How to obtain a membership card (NFT)

At the Oyster Young People's Association, buyers apply for an order number and phone number, collect oyster coins that serve as points, and obtain a membership card (NFT) by using the oyster coins. We are working on what we can do.

<<Illustration of membership card>>

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*NFT: Non-fungible token (unique digital art)

Below, we will explain how to obtain oyster coins and membership cards (NFT).

Also, in order to obtain oyster coins and membership cards (NFT), you will need an app called Metamask, so I will explain how to obtain the Metamask app.

1. Download Metamask


For smartphones, please download the MetaMask app from the Apple Store.
metamask apple store
If you are using a PC, please install the plugin in your browser.
Metamask Google Plugin

*Please be sure to write down the 12 English words in your memo. If you lose this word, you will not be able to log in again. (Please refrain from saving to the cloud, etc.)

Please see this blog for more details.

2. Access the oyster portal

The downloaded MetaMask app has a browser function, so please open the URL below with that browser.

Oyster portal

Oyster portal input method

oyster coin

3. How to obtain a membership card (NFT)

By collecting oyster coins, you will be able to obtain membership cards (NFT) as your oyster level increases.

Obtaining site
AbyssCrypto Rising Mint Site

Oyster NFT abyss crypto

Oyster NFT abyss crypto

When you open the site below in a Metamask browser, the number of membership cards (NFT) available will be displayed.

Select and obtain your favorite membership card (NFT).

Items that are grayed out are already selected and cannot be obtained.

You can check the NFT you obtained on Opensea etc.
If it is not displayed, please check Other → Hide on your profile.

Click here for the Opensea link

4. How to use membership card NFT

If you have your membership card (NFT) when purchasing from the Oyster Young People's Association, you will always receive a 5% discount on your purchases.

Below is a video of how to authenticate whether you have a membership card (NFT).

How to confirm membership card

Oimachi Marche also has special benefits.

If you show your membership card at Oimachi Marche, you can get discounts on processed products and get one oyster for free.

5. For those who want to obtain a membership card (NFT)

By purchasing products from the Oyster Young People's Association, you can obtain a membership card (NFT).

If you want to eat raw oysters, click this link

Click here for raw oysters

If you want to try oyster pizza or pickled oysters in oil, please follow this link.

Click here for oyster pizza and oil pickles

We also carry a variety of other delicious oysters, so please take a look at the Oyster Young People's Association website.

The Oyster Young People's Association is a project that aims to transform the oyster industry into a sustainable industry.

If you sympathize with our philosophy, please take a look at our website.

Oyster Young People's Association Site

Young Oyster Association mail order site

About the development of this service

It was designed and developed by Sugimura (nickname: Naokichi), the representative of WaterGate LLC, which runs the Young Oyster Association, and engineer Takai.
*This project is implemented as a project of Abyss Crypto, a DAO-like organization.

If you are interested in this kind of service, please contact us through the inquiry form.

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