Delicious oysters are available here.

We only stock the finest oysters sourced from all over the country.
We will explain the appeal of each oyster.

Enjoy the best oyster experience with sauces and alcohol that bring out the deliciousness of the oysters.

Have fun on the course

The Raw Oyster Laboratory offers two courses.

With either course, you will have the opportunity to enjoy studying raw oysters.

4 types of raw oysters tasting course 6 raw oysters and steamed oysters course

Both courses will be served in an order that brings out the best in the oysters.

We mainly sell fresh oysters that we have personally visited the production areas to observe the farming methods and processing processes, so you can eat them with peace of mind.

Enjoy a drink

At the Raw Oyster Laboratory, we offer sake and white wine that go well with oysters.

Please enjoy your drink paired with raw oysters.

There are also two types of beer available.

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Must-have! 4 raw oysters course: 2,500 yen 6 raw oysters, 1 steamed and grilled oyster: 5,000 yen

Single item

Raw oysters and steamed oysters: from 600 yen
Kilpatrick (recommended!): Oysters +100 yen


Asahi bottled beer: 550 yen Foreign bottled beer: 700 yen Highball: 550 yen Jameson highball: 800 yen White wine: 650 yen Red wine: 650 yen Recommended sake: from 800 yen
Craft soft drinks: 700 yen


東京都品川区二葉1丁目10−11 北岡ビル



The Raw Oyster Research Institute is supported by SG Crew and Kakinomi!