Aging your favorite alcohol under the sea

Why not send us your favorite alcohol and have it aged for six months under the sea in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture?

After six months, enjoy comparing the taste or pairing it with Tokushima oysters.

What is undersea aged sake?

In 1998, a 1907 vintage Heidsieck Monopole was salvaged off the coast of Sweden and attracted attention for being in perfect condition with no deterioration inside.

In 2010, a bottle of champagne from the 1820s to early 1830s, approximately 200 years ago, was discovered off the coast of Finland, and it also attracted attention for being delicious and not spoiled.

Changes in taste

It is said that maturing underwater makes the flavor mellower and more tasty .

In fact, in a research presentation at Tokai University, it was said that the flavor and sweetness had increased and the alcoholic feeling had weakened compared to before aging .

Upon detailed analysis, it was announced that the amount of glucose, the source of sweetness, had increased while the organic acid levels had decreased, results that were in line with the sensory evaluation.

Reasons for change

It is thought that the reasons why the taste of underwater aged liquor changes include water pressure, underwater movement, water temperature, an environment where ultraviolet rays do not reach, and underwater sound vibrations .

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Why do we do this?

"I want you to feel the magic of the sea."
"I want to expand the possibilities of oysters"

The magic of the sea

Undersea aged liquor is packed with flavors that can only be created in the sea.

We would like all alcohol lovers to experience the difference in taste and romance that has been recognized by wine experts at least once in their lives.

We wanted to provide such an opportunity, so we created the Seabed Bottle Keeping System.

The potential of oysters

In many areas, oysters are cultivated by hanging them on wooden rafts.

We believe that by effectively utilizing the rafts, which currently exist solely for cultivating oysters, as rafts that create the "magic of the sea," we can expand the possibilities for oysters.

A savior for the oyster industry

Oyster consumption has been decreasing year by year, and farmed oyster production in 2021 was approximately 159,000 tons (including shells), a decrease of more than 30% compared to 20 years ago in 2001 (approximately 231,000 tons).

Additionally, in recent years, the number of oysters has been declining significantly due to changes in temperature and predation (being eaten by other creatures).

As a result, oyster fishermen's businesses are also facing difficult times.

By keeping the seabed bottles, you will help save the oyster industry!


Comments from alcohol experts and oyster community members who have tried the undersea aged sake

Wine expert and Toyosu wholesaler


I tried comparing two types of white wine aged under the sea, and found that the alcohol in the wine aged under the sea was less harsh and had a mineral aftertaste.

  • Taikisan

    When I tried comparing them with Torys, the taste was completely different.

    It was very delicious.

    I'd like to try drinking it with some line-caught sea bream.

  • Cutlass

    I compared the taste with a shot of Jack Daniel's.

    The undersea aged liquor was much easier to drink and more delicious!

  • Lotus root

    I tried comparing the flavors of Torys whiskeys, and found the taste to be mellow and very delicious!

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How to enjoy it after it arrives

Once the alcohol that was stored in the underwater bottles arrives, it will be fun to compare it with the alcohol before it was aged underwater, and we also recommend eating it with oysters grown in the waters of Naruto!

It is also delicious to eat oysters with whiskey that has been aged under the sea.

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Undersea Bottle Keeping

We will introduce the seabed bottle keeping system implemented in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture.

Undersea Bottle Keeping

Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture

Under the Seabed Bottle Keeping System, your bottle will be kept at the bottom of the ocean in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture.

The bottle is kept in an area about 10m deep.

The alcohol is suspended on oyster rafts and matures on the ocean floor as the oysters grow.

Oyster Fisherman

Koichi Etsu

The person in charge of keeping the oysters in the undersea bottles is Koichi Etsu, who cultivates the "Uzusio Champion" oyster, a brand of oyster that represents Tokushima Prefecture.

The alcohol, which is aged in bottles kept on the ocean floor beneath the rafts where the whirlpool champions grow, is sure to pair perfectly with oysters.

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