Kakitabe Thai’s commitment

"Kakitabetai" is a product that uses only oysters approved by the founder of the Young Oyster Association, who has eaten oysters from all over the world.

We aim to create oyster products that allow you to make authentic oyster dishes at home with just a can, and that you'll want to share with your loved ones.

Popular No1

Pickled in garlic scented oil

Garlic-scented oysters marinated in sesame oil.

We use oysters produced in Hyogo Prefecture, and the flavor is fully absorbed into the oysters.

No matter how you eat it, whether it's ajillo, fried rice, or pasta, it's delicious.

Oil can also be used for cooking.

Very popular with my wife!

Oyster chili oil spicy temptation

Spicy oyster chili oil.

Made using oysters produced in Hyogo Prefecture, it has an exquisite spiciness that even people who don't like spicy food can enjoy.

It's delicious when added to pasta without any seasoning.
Place it on top of tofu to create Mapo Oyster Tofu.

This is a product that my wife very often asks me to give as a gift.

For presents

set products

We have a set of ``Canned Oysters I Want to Eat with You'' available as a gift.

It can be used not only as a gift for your loved ones, but also as a mid-year gift or year-end gift.

Your voice

When I was eating alone, I thought it would be nice to have so much food, but now I don't even have half of it...

My wife's smile and my oysters are a good match.

Takano (male in his 30s) likes oysters next to chicken.

That's strange...
I cooked it as usual, and it was supposed to be 2 days worth of rice, but the day I opened the can, it was gone .

Maybe it's because my husband eats a lot...

A wife (woman in her 20s) who used to only eat raw oysters but became addicted to canned oysters

Once a month, my wife and I have an oyster party using canned food.

You can make an authentic oyster dish just by using canned food, so it comes in handy on Fridays and other times when you want to relax at home.

``This month's canned goods?'' The smile on my wife's face when she received it was the brightest.

Kanekin Skywalker (male in his 30s)

Would you like to eat together?

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