Collection: Shimomura Fisheries Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Producer in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Shimomura Suisan's Noto oysters are farmed in Nanao Nishi Bay in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Nanao Nishi Bay has tidal currents due to the difference in tides, and is also a brackish water area where nutrients flow in from the river, making it a nutrient-rich area that is suitable for oyster farming .

After oysters with shells are cultivated using a hanging method, they are transferred to cages suspended near the water surface to strengthen the adductor muscles and increase their sweetness.

Shimomura Suisan's oysters have no strange taste and are delicious for everyone to eat.
The oyster lineup includes both shucked and shelled oysters.

One-year-old peeled cherries are large and have a rich sweetness.

Two-year-old oysters have firm shells and are large in size.
These oysters are delicious when eaten in a kankanyaki style.

Although we are currently unable to ship oysters , purchasing oysters from other producers will help support our activities.
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