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Oyster Chili Oil Spicy Temptation Kakitabe Thai

Oyster Chili Oil Spicy Temptation Kakitabe Thai

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*Please understand that if you purchase from other producers of the Young Oyster Association at the same time, they will be shipped separately.

*Please note that as the item will be delivered by letterback, it is not possible to specify the delivery date or time.

Features of “Oyster Chili Oil Spicy Temptation

We use oysters from Hyogo Prefecture , carefully selected by Naokichi, the representative of the Young Oyster Association, and the oysters are delicious.
And by making it a little spicy, it becomes even more delicious.
*It has the perfect amount of spiciness that even people who don't like spicy food can enjoy it.

It is characterized by the fact that it is very delicious whether you eat it as is or warm it up.
It is also unique in that it can be used in many ways, such as on top of tofu or mixed into fried rice.

*Please note that because the oysters are soaked in oil, they may fall apart easily.

Features of oysters produced in Hyogo Prefecture

Hyogo Prefecture is one of the famous oyster production areas. Murotsu and Sakoshi are famous, but Aioi City is also famous.
This is an ideal environment for oysters, and they are characterized by their bite-sized meat.
We use the best oysters selected by Naokichi from the Young Oyster Association.

No need to worry about hitting the oysters!

Since it has already been heated and cooked, you can enjoy it with confidence.

How to eat

1. Leave it as is.
2. Remove from the pouch and warm in the microwave.
3. Mapo oysters with tofu.
4. Oyster fried rice with spicy chili oil.

【expiration date】
Store at room temperature for about 1 year, avoiding direct sunlight.

[Raw material name]
Oysters (produced in Hyogo Prefecture), chili oil (edible rapeseed oil, edible sesame oil, corn flakes, fried onions, salt, glucose, fried garlic, roasted garlic, chili pepper, onion powder, etc.) / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), emulsifiers, paprika color, oxidation Preventive agent (VE), (contains wheat, sesame, mackerel, soybean, and pork)

[Nutritional information display]

Nutritional information per 100g
energy 369kcal
protein 10.7g
lipid 30.5g
carbohydrates 12.8g
Salt equivalent amount 2.46g
This displayed value is a guideline.
Best before date written on the bottom right of the pouch surface

Contents: 95g, approximately 5 to 6 tablets

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