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Directly delivered from Higashimatsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, hurry before it's sold out! Very high repeat rate! “Goto Suisan Naruse Oyster Meat” (can be eaten raw) *Shipping fee not included

Directly delivered from Higashimatsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, hurry before it's sold out! Very high repeat rate! “Goto Suisan Naruse Oyster Meat” (can be eaten raw) *Shipping fee not included

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*Please understand that if you purchase from other producers of the Young Oyster Association at the same time, they will be shipped separately.

Carefully selected Naruse oysters representing Higashimatsushima, Miyagi Prefecture

``Goto Suisan's Naruse Oysters'' are true oysters that reach winter season and can be eaten raw, representing Higashi Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture, where they are grown and improved daily by leveraging the experience cultivated over 50 years.
It has a strong flavor and sweetness, and is characterized by the fact that it does not shrink even when heated because the meat is packed tightly.

Producer Koichi Goto

Young Oyster Association Goto Suisan Naruse Oysters

Koichi Goto makes Naruse oysters from Goto Suisan.

We are very particular about oyster production and never cut corners.

Taste and size of “Goto Suisan Naruse Oysters” (shucked raw oysters)

``Goto Suisan's Naruse Oysters'' are characterized by their plump, thick, juicy flesh and overflowing creamy sweetness . As soon as you put it in your mouth, the sweetness spreads throughout your mouth.
The size is the size of a regular oyster, making it bite-sized and easy to eat.

Commitment to freshness and thorough safety management

Goto Suisan ships the shucked oysters the same day, so they are extremely fresh.
In addition, we carry out thorough safety management, meeting the strictest inspection standards in Japan set by Miyagi Prefecture , and only ship carefully selected oysters that are safe and secure.
The fish is tested for norovirus and general bacteria every week, so it is basically sold for raw consumption, but if it does not pass the test, it will be sold for cooking.
If the product does not pass the norovirus test, we will contact the customer who placed the order.

Recommended ways to eat ``Goto Suisan's Naruse Oysters'' (shucked raw oysters) raw or heated.

Recommended ways to eat ``Goto Suisan Naruse Oysters'' (shucked)
1. Eat raw with a squeeze of lemon.
2. Fried oysters
3. Oyster Nanban
4. Sprinkle with salt and grill

Young Oyster Association, Goto Fisheries, Naruse Oysters, Miyagi, Higashimatsushima, Oysters

Directly shipped from Higashimatsushima, Miyagi Prefecture Try "Goto Suisan's Naruse Oysters" !

■True oysters Can be eaten raw
■Gathering area Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture
■Capacity 500g (1 pack) or 1.0kg (2 packs)
■Expiration date 3 days from arrival (e.g. 1/3 if arriving on 1/1)
Areas where shipping from Miyagi takes 2 days (Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa) will take 2 days from arrival.
■How to save Please store below 5℃
■Delivery Yamato Transport cool delivery service
■About the desired delivery date and time Available
■Accessories nothing special
■Inspection system Seawater inspection in the collection area
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