About the Oyster Young Association

The Oyster Young Association is a team formed to solve the problems faced by the Japanese oyster industry and make it a sustainable industry .

Fishermen and founders from Miyagi, Ishikawa, Hiroshima, Tokushima, Fukuoka, and Kagoshima participate in the team and are active every day.

Miyagi Prefecture: Goto Suisan (Naruse Oysters)
Ishikawa Prefecture: Shimomura Fisheries (Noto Oysters)
Hiroshima Prefecture: Suzuki Suisan Tokushima Prefecture: Oyster Professional (Whirlpool Champion, Whirlpool King)
Fukuoka Prefecture: Maruhachi (Aya/Rui)
Kagoshima Prefecture: Nishikimorimaru Suisan (Nishikimorimaru Tenkai)

Problems faced by the oyster industry

  1. Hard Labor, Low Margin Industry
  2. Lack of successors
  3. Lack of time and budget for advertising

The current oyster industry has such problems, and we will solve these problems and make the oyster industry a sustainable industry by changing it into a job that oyster fishermen can earn and admire. Aim for

Activities of the Young Oyster Society

1. Opinion exchange by oyster fishermen

The young oyster association regularly visits each other's production areas to increase their knowledge.
Normally, we are rivals, but by exchanging knowledge and working hard together, we are trying to make oysters that oyster fans will think are delicious from the bottom of their hearts .

Young Oyster Association Shimomura Suisan Goto Suisan Oyster farming

2. Holding events such as oyster tasting parties

The Oyster Young Association holds regular tasting events, where customers can sample branded oysters of the Oyster Young Association and pickled oysters in oil.
All the fishermen of the Oyster Young Association are trying to eat and compare the oysters that have been raised with a strong commitment, and we are working to let you know that the taste is different for each producer.

We also have processed products such as “Oyster pizza” and “Oyster pickled in oil without garlic”, and we are working to let people know how delicious they are by eating them.

NFT Exhibition and Oyster Tasting

3. Activities using NFTs

Oyster young people's group is doing oyster x NFT activities using NFT (non-fungible token). By utilizing the cutting-edge technology of NFT, we are communicating with oyster fans through NFT and disseminating the appeal of oysters.
Using the characteristics of NFT, you can purchase oysters at 5% off on the EC site of the young oyster association, and you can also eat oysters with oyster tokens (Eat to Earn).

In the future, we will continue activities such as Youtube activities to deliver delicious oyster information to everyone so that the oyster industry becomes a sustainable industry.

If you are interested in our activities, we would appreciate it if you could take a look at the mail order site of the young oyster association.

Online shopping site for young oysters

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