New release! Real oysters "Uzushio Champion" from Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture (for eating raw with shell) now on sale!

The true oyster "Uzushio Champion" from Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, which is a very delicious raw oyster, is now on sale!

Uzushio Champion is a triploid true oyster that is difficult to incubate, and is characterized by its meat that is not affected by the season compared to regular oysters .

The first series of true oysters that are in season in winter among young oysters' associations!

Please enjoy delicious raw oysters with plenty of meat even at this time of year!

whirlpool champion

Price: 4,980 yen including tax and shipping

Tokushima Naruto Uzushio Champion, delicious raw oysters delivered directly from the production area, in the shell, for eating raw

Click here for the product page of Uzushio Champion!

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