[Event held] Event by P2P and TicketMe

We held an event jointly with P2P and TicketMe on March 9th and March 12th! Many people participated and ate raw oysters!

We received many happy comments such as ``It's so delicious,'' ``The most delicious oysters I've ever eaten,'' and ``This oil pickle is amazing.''

Event scene at P2P

Young Oyster Association, Visiting Oyster Bar, Oyster Event, Fresh Oysters Directly from the Farm

Event scene at TicketMe

Young Oysters Association Event TicketMe Raw oysters delivered directly from the farm

Naokichi works as an oyster bar guest at various events.

If you would like us to provide raw oysters or other oyster products at a traveling oyster bar, please feel free to contact us.

contact address
Twitter: Naokichi
Instagram: Naokichi Oyster

The oysters marinated in oil that we serve at our on-site oyster bar are also sold at the Oyster Young People's Association.

If you ate it and enjoyed it, please let us know!

Noto oysters pickled in oil

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