[Event Information] March 18th-19th (Sun) The Young Oyster Association will hold an oyster tasting event at "Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Monogatari" (Ginza, Tokyo)!

An event will be held at Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Monogatari Edo Main Store (Ginza, Tokyo) to compare the tastes of oysters from all over the country.

◆Event date and time◆
March 18th (Sat) and 19th (Sun), 2023
18th (Sat) 10:30~Last order 18:00
19th (Sunday) 10:30-Last order 3:00 pm *Ends as soon as prepared materials are exhausted.
*Depending on the congestion situation, we may impose a time limit on your stay.

◆Contents and menu◆
① Oyster ponzu (boiled oysters) 2 pieces 500 yen including tax (400 yen if you pre-order from Peatix) *Made in Ishikawa Prefecture Sold at the demonstration space on the 1st floor ② Comparison of raw oyster tasting 2 pieces 1,000 yen including tax (900 yen if you pre-order from Peatix) (Yen) *Made in Tokushima Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture Sold at the event space on the 2nd floor ③ Comparison of steamed oysters 2 pieces 1,000 yen including tax (900 yen with advance reservation from Peatix) *Made in Ishikawa Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture Sold at the event space on the 2nd floor

The following are pre-order sales only ↓
④ Oysters in the shell (for eating raw) with knife, 1 kg, about 10 pieces, 1,500 yen including tax *Made in Fukuoka Prefecture, handed over on the 1st floor

Other alcoholic beverages: 500 yen per glass (You can also drink Chikuha Oyster from Chikuha Sake Brewery♪♪)
・Various processed oyster products for sale ⇒ Products purchased at the antenna shop on the day can also be enjoyed on the 2nd floor ♬

◆Membership card (NFT) holder benefits◆

There are also benefits for holders of Japan's first oyster NFT "AbyssCrypto Rising"!

On the first floor, at the oyster ponzu sales corner, if you authenticate your NFT with a QR code, you will get an extra oyster! !

AbyssCrypto is a project that aims to be the first in the oyster industry to "Eat to Earn Oysters".

You can collect oyster coins by purchasing at the Oyster Young People's Association and applying for your order number and phone number on the oyster portal site.

By accumulating oyster coins, your oyster level will rise, and by using oyster coins you can obtain NFT (Aviscript Rising). (There is no need to pay for gas at this time.)

NFTs can be resold, and once the resale is successful, the oyster Eat To Earn is completed.

Please see the link below for details.

About AbyssCrypto:


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