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Great deal! Monthly delivery of oysters and processed products


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Please be sure to check before ordering

*Please understand that if you purchase from other producers of the Young Oyster Association at the same time, they will be shipped separately.

*Please refrain from eating raw food if you are not feeling well.

*Oysters for raw consumption sold on this mail order site are all oysters harvested in sea areas for raw consumption, but please understand that depending on your physical condition, you may become ill.

* Items that clearly indicate the amount, such as delivery notes, statements, receipts, etc., are not included.

*Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept cancellations after delivery has been arranged.

*Delivery of the product may be significantly delayed due to bad weather or other factors.

*Shipping may be suspended due to deterioration of sea conditions.

*During busy seasons in the transportation industry, the product shipping date may be moved forward to meet the desired delivery date.

*All images are for illustrative purposes only.

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*If you are from Hokkaido or Okinawa, the shipping fee will be 800 yen, so we appreciate your understanding.

*Please note that the oyster knife will not be included when shipping to Okinawa.

*Raw oysters may contain lugworms (which look like red worms), but this will not affect the quality of the product.

Every month, you will receive carefully selected raw oysters or processed oyster products.

You can select the expected delivery date from My Account.

Although the monthly schedule is published, we appreciate your understanding as it may change depending on the growth of oysters and stock status.

*The origin of the oysters cannot be specified.
*Oysters from the same production area may be delivered consecutively due to poor breeding or weather disasters.
*Please refer to the terms and conditions for details regarding payment, delivery, and returns.
* After placing your order, first set the expected delivery date for the first installment, and then select the expected delivery date for the second and subsequent deliveries from 15 days after the first payment to the number of weeks and days of the week.
*You can change the estimated delivery date from "Regular Orders" on the My Account page.
*Payment methods are only credit card and Amazon Pay.
*Payment for products will be made automatically at the time of ordering for the first time, and on the 15th of every month from the second time onward.
*When paying for the product, we will notify you of your order details via email.
*To cancel your subscription, please contact us using the inquiry form at least 10 days before the next scheduled delivery date.
*If you are unable to receive your package due to long-term absence, please contact us using the inquiry form.
*The above contents are subject to change or termination without notice.
*All prices include tax.
*All images are for illustrative purposes only.

■Oysters. Oysters (can be eaten raw)
■Collection area changes depending on the month
Changes depending on the number of months.
■Expiry date: Raw: 3 days from the shipping date (Example: 1/4 if shipped on 1/1) Heating: 4 days from the shipping date ■Storage method: Please store below 10℃ ■Shipping: Yamato Transport Cool delivery or Letter pack ■Delivery date and time available ■Accessories Oyster knife, pamphlet (peeling guide)
■Inspection system After landing, oysters are soaked in underground seawater for at least 24 hours and subjected to ultraviolet rays and ozone sterilization, but this varies depending on the production area.

牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ
牡蠣若手の会 毎月定期便 カキタベタイ

Frequently asked questions

How many days can I eat raw oysters after they arrive?

It is up to 2 days after arrival.

Is it possible to specify the date?

You can specify the date for items other than those delivered by Letter Pack, such as oil pickles and T-shirts.

Can I pay by credit card?

Is possible. Proceed to order and make your selection on the final page.

Is it possible to inquire about delivery?

We will send you a tracking number, so please contact the shipping company directly.

What will be the shipping charge if I purchase the product from a different manufacturer?

Shipping charges will be incurred by the producer. Depending on the product, shipping may be free.

Is it possible to cancel?

In principle, this is not possible, but it is possible in unavoidable circumstances.